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The events described in this article are considered non-canon to the main series.
Season N/A, Episode N/A
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First Aired June 8, 2012
Writer(s) Ids5621
"The Camera Pt 1"
1000 was a special episode of The Misadventures of Onipex and Pals that was created for Ids5621 reaching 1,000 subscribers. It included a special animation featuring Jevik, which also featured Drex from Ids5621's retired All Stars series. This episode officially announced that Aliki would be the next main episode.

Episode SynopsisEdit

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The video begins with Jevik sitting in a room of unknown origin and using a laptop to check the Ids5621 Youtube channel. When on the channel page, Jevik notices that the subscriber count is over 1,000. Not believing his eyes, Jevik assumes the computer is broken, and apparently calls a computer technician for help. After a transition, Drex shows up, and Jevik asks him if he's the I.T. guy he called for. Drex denies being the technician, telling Jevik he is purely here because somebody told him that Jevik had his arms. After recollecting whether this statement is true or not, Jevik at least pretends that it is, telling Drex to fix the computer if he wants his arms back. Drex frustratedly asks how he's supposed to fix the computer with no arms, to which Jevik vaguely replies, "Find a way".


Drex in 1000

Moments later, Drex is lying on a coffee table where the computer is placed, evidently using his teeth and/or tongue to fix the computer. Drex tells Jevik, who is standing on the coffee table, that he's done, but Youtube wasn't broken in the first place and the channel really did have 1000 subscribers. Pleasantly surprised with this information, Jevik changes the subject entirely, asking Drex if he's seen him before, stating that he looks very familiar. Drex sighs in reply, transitioning to a picture of Jevik with titles thanking the audience for 1000 subscribers. The video ends with the end slate advertising Aliki.


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  • It is the first update video since Vending Machine to use actual animation.