Bawl's Sacks
Suck my
Bawls' Sacks as seen in "Christmas II"
Residents Bawl
Use Shopping
Status Intact

Bawl's Sacks is a shop that was first seen in Christmas II. It is owned by a Bohrok named Bawl.

History Edit

Jevik is rather defensive of the store, and may be friends with the owner, Bawl. He also seems to be a regular customer, known for his "epic sacks". Upon seeing the place, Zeb denounces the mall in favor of Bawl's and instead visits the store instead of joining Onipex and Jevik at The Mall.

Some time later Bawl held a poker game in the back-room.

Yeq and Brun would later venture to the store after fleeing Agrav, but after some poor treatment of the owner and peril they had landed Jevik in, they had a scuffle with the employees.

Known EmployeesEdit