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Frank is a person who called Onipex's phone to yell at Jevik. His messages were distressed and, due to an event caused by Jevik, he lost his family and is on the run from a mysterious entity.


Frank Frank

Nothing besides the events he discussed in his respective episode is known about him at this point in time.

At one point, Jevik hired him to do some something for him, and was to pay him, but didn't. During the many weeks that passed afterward, he called Jevik about his payment four times, stating that he went through a lot for him, his wife and kids have been taken away because of it, and that he needed the cash due to his current situation, caused by what he did for Jevik earlier, before deciding to come to his house.


WARNING: The following is conjecture and is an interpretation of the canon found in the episodes.


It is known that, at one point, Jevik and Frank were friends, or at least acquaintances. He was hired to do a task for Jevik, but was never paid. He then got progressively madder at him during the duration of the next few weeks to the point where he decided to come over and beat him up for the cash.


It is known he had a wife and children. They were later taken from him as a consequence of the actions he took on behalf of Jevik. Their well-being is currently unknown.


Appearances for Frank
  • Season 2
    • "Frank" (debut; voice only) Episodeicon
  • The Comics!
    • "Phone" (mentioned only) Comicicon