Funny Face Man
Funny face Man
Vital statistics
Function Running Gag
Status Rarely seen since the first season

Funny Face Man is a running gag throughout the series, The Misadventures of Onipex and Pals, and could be considered a character. His appearance is often made after Onipex (and Jevik in Intruder) makes a rhetorical question, acting as the answer.

In his five appearances, he is said to dislike like snow, own metal chairs, is capable of effectively dealing with intruders and hates Christmas. These were all implied after a rhetorical question was asked.

Throughout the majority of the second season episodes produced in 2012, the Funny Face Man did not appear. He is barely shown at the end of "The Package," yet there is no rhetorical question in sight unless one wants to count Onipex's question to Jevik. Even then, there is too much of a gap to make it seem so and doesn't sound rhetorical.

He finally appeared during the 2012 Christmas special Misadventure: Tree, appearing after Onipex asks, "who doesn't like Christmas?"

He appeared once again in The Date, though not with a question again.


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