Gabris is the manager and lawyer of Aliki.


Gabris is Aliki's Manager, lawyer and long time friend. He initially met him when Aliki was an underground pit-boxer, and after seeing potential in the matoran opted to become his manager. Even through Aliki's career ending injury, Gabris remained close, and retained his managerial role once Aliki had begun to pursue Hoverboarding.

In the episode "Aliki", Gabris was seen at a press conference as a moderator.


WARNING: The following is conjecture and is an interpretation of the canon found in the episodes.


Gabris is Aliki's Manager, lawyer and long time friend. The two share a close relationship, and Gabris has stuck with him through his career, even the various run-ins with the law.


Appearances for Gabris
  • Season 2


  • Gabris was originally to be played by Ids5621.
  • A Matoran resembling Gabris can briefly be seen at the conclusion of Christmas II, during the scene where Onipex and Jevik get arrested.
  • Gabris' name was inspired by Jon Gabrus.