Jevik, whom Ids5621 voices
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Status Alive

Ids5621 is an animator and the creator of The Misadventures of Onipex and Pals, as well as All Stars and Hero Faptory.


The original Ids5621 channel was first created by Ids5621, to compliment his works there. At first videos were seldom released, and most of those that were, were irrelevant to any youtube demographic, leaving the channel rather neglected and with little subscribers.

The Kanohi Stripes was the first video on the channel, and was Ids5621 first attempt at stop motion of any kind.

Ids5621 did little to promote his channel and put minimal effort into the videos, meaning he received near to no subscribers for the time period relative to other biotubers. After a while, Ids5621 released his first rudimentary series, The Ganon Chronicles. This was Ids5621's first attempt at putting out a structured series of videos, and was his first step in the right direction. Assisted and suggested by friend, Jampot Animations, the series improved in animation quality and later adopted voice acting. However, the series was not the style, and did not emulate the feel Ids5621 wanted to achieve with the series (The series was set in a desert, and the settings did little to show that. This would be the part of the reasoning behind Ids5621 trademark dioramas) and was then cancelled.

Ids5621 was to hit success with his next attempt at a series, and released the pilot for, All Stars. The All Stars Pilot was the first video that began bringing in steady views and brought in several subscribers. The second installation was a bigger hit than the last, gaining some YouTube achievements in a few countries in the film and animation categories. Ids5621's quality of videos began to rise and he finally began to promote the channel in efforts gain subscribers.

In 2010, before entering a mini-hiatus, Ids5621 uploaded a short animated clip, intended to be a one-time short, that had not made it to the channel. This would be the birth of The Misadventures of Onipex and Pals, the short being the first episode, "Preview".

In 2012, Ids5621 would later have to move channels due to issues with his original channel.

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