Jack Rizzo
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Vital statistics
Gender Male
Status Alive

Jack Rizzo, also known as Jam Pot Studios (and formerly Jampot Animations) or as known as on Wikia, Ihu, is a YouTuber and stop-motion animator. He is noted for his effect heavy animations and his action packed live action films. He is the voice actor of Pyrex and a cast member of All Stars.


Jam Pot StudiosEdit

Taken from Jack Rizzo's blog.

Jam Pot Studios is an amateur film company that makes short stop-motion animations with LEGO. Originally labelled Jampot Productions at its inception in 2007, JPS is the brainchild and creative outlet of aspiring filmmaker Jack Rizzo. Jack Rizzo also writes short stories, and movie and book reviews. He is currently working on a young adult novel, alongside his stop-motion projects.

Characters PlayedEdit


  • The comic Jampot was named after him.