Jav is a nurturing, yet irritable character in The Misadventures of Onipex and Pals. She was married to Imutii, but had later separated from him because he irritated her.


Jav was seen to be dismissive and irritable with her husband, Imutii. However, there seems to be a probable cause, as Imutii is often very angry, loud and difficult to deal with. She was, however, manipulating him in order to gain access to New Tehktra, so she may not have the best moral standing. She did, however, feel pity upon Krone when he was in need during the events of Bully.


Jav married Imutii in a sham marriage so she could cross the border into New Tehktra. At some point, she moved into the Tehktra Plaza, though it's unknown if this was with Imutii.

During the period where Krone was facing torment from the Matoran Degrin, he called her up for advice. She came down to his apartment, and showed pity for the matoran.

During the Christmas holidays, Jav was sighted in the Mall during Jevik's attack on one of the establishment's hired Santas.

After finally being fed up with him, she left Imutii. Because she works for Tehktra Corp, she was later approached by Onipex, Myto, and her boss to be Onipex's friend. As the content was cut, her reaction is unknown.


WARNING: The following is conjecture and is an interpretation of the canon found in the episodes.


During the period where Krone was facing torment from the matoran Degrin, Krone turned to Jav for advice. Jav, instead decided to show her pity upon him. The two may be friends, or simply live in the same building.


Jav was married to Imutii, though has now left him. It's unknown if she officially divorced him. She didn't seem to care for the matoran, considering him dirty, angry and finding his legs ugly. Their marriage was just a front for her to safely cross the New Tehktra border.

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  • She is confirmed to live in The Tehktra Plaza
  • In Christmas II, all of her white coloring is replaced with silver and her eye color was changed from yellow to red for unknown reasons.
    • She would later appear with her white coloring again in her following appearance, though still retaining her red eyes.