Jevik's Apartment
Jevik's Apartment as seen in Rap
Residents Jevik (formerly)
Use Residence
Status Intact

Jevik's Apartment is Jevik's former place of residence, which is also the key location in Rap. He was later evicted from the apartment prior to the events of Trash Talker for unknown reasons. He has since moved to a new apartment in The Tehktra Plaza.


So far only one room has been seen in Jevik's apartment. Although it appears to be living area, it appears to have a bed and a fridge, possibly making this the only room in the apartment. However, this is countered by Onipex stressing how large it was. Jessaco also stated in Duel that this apartment was bigger than the one at The Tehktra Plaza.

Notable featuresEdit

Notable features include: A large TV, a fridge, a table, a metal couch, a large lamp, a bed, a game console, a large sound system, and an Aliki poster identical to the one found in Onipex's apartment.

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