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The events described in this article are considered non-canon to the main series.
The Misadventures of Onipex and Pals: Job
Season 1, Episode Planned to be 6
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First Aired N/A
Writer(s) Ids5621
Job is a cancelled episode of The Misadventures of Onipex and Pals that was to be released after Rap.

Episode ScriptEdit

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Location: Office

Onipex: (singing) la la la la workin' yeah, uh huh!

(Jessaco walks by)

Onipex: Hey, Jess, I...

(Onipex is ignored as Jessaco walks by)

Onipex: ...No, OK.

(Lenel walks by)

Onipex: Hey, Lenel, I...

(Onipex is ignored again)

Onipex: ...Al—righty then. Back to work. La la la eating dinner alone tonight l-!

Degrin: Oni!

Onipex: Uh, yes, Mr. Degrin?

Degrin: You got those reports for me then?

Onipex: Uh, yeah, they're coming up.

Degrin: Good, keep working. I really need those data uplink reports.

Onipex: Yes sir!

Degrin: One more thing.

Onipex: Uh-huh?

Degrin: You seen my knee-cap armor around? I can't find the damn thing anywhere.

Onipex: Nope. Sorry sir.

(Degrin leaves, mumbling complaints. Onipex holds up the missing armor piece)

Onipex: Jerk. Alright, now for the report.

(He sees a blank word document)

Onipex: Well, its a start.

(A videochat box opens up, and Jevik appears on the screen)

Jevik: ONI! Where are you??

Onipex: Whaddya mean, where am I!? I'm at work!!

Jevik: Work? Aww man! When are you coming home?

Onipex: Why?

Jevik: I get real lonely at your house when you aren't here.

Onipex: Get outta my house and get off my monitor!

Jevik: I-

(Jevik is cut off as Onipex closes the window)

Onipex: Deep breaths, Oni, deeeep breaths...

(Thumping begins to be heard behind him. Jevik pops back on the screen)

Onipex: No!

(Jevik pops back on the screen)

Jevik: Hey!

Onipex: NO!

(Jevik pops back on the screen)

Onipex: Get off my monitor, and will you SHUT UP behind me!!

KC: You shut up, Nark!!

Onipex: (to himself) Nark? (out loud) What the heck is a nark!?

KC: (threateningly) Oh, don't start making fun of the way I talk now!

Onipex: Alright, geez! Gotta get back to these reports anyway!

(He looks at a blank document)

Onipex: "Looking gooooood Oni! I'm thinkin' a bonus for you!"

KC: Shut......up, nark!!

Onipex: (to himself) Just ignore him...

(Onipex starts whistling)

Matoran: Dude, you better shut your trap or I'm gonna stick my head up your ass!

(Jevik pops back on screen)

Jevik: Who was that?

Onipex: You again? (Sighs) Some jerk.

Jevik: He giving you any trouble?

Onipex: Nah, he's just being a right pain in th-

(Onipex is interrupted, as he is hit in the head by an object)

Onipex: Oww!!? Lay off, man!

Jevik: What happened?

Onipex: That brakas hit me!

KC: Nark!

Onipex: Yeah, well Rango is a cruddy movie!

(Zooms in on a Rango poster up in his cubicle)

KC: You take that back!!

Jevik: That twerp hit you??!!

(Jevik then appears behind Onipex)

Jevik: Let me at him!

(Fighting is heard off screen, and Jevik's mask slides past Onipex)

Onipex: Jevik, you fai-

(Jevik walks back into the office cubicle wearing KC's mask)

Jevik: That punk won't be messing with you any longer.

Onipex: Thanks, buddy.

(The two remain still for a while, saying absolutely nothing)

Onipex: Well, you can leave now.

Jevik: OK.

Onipex: Actually, do you know what a nark is?

(Onipex is ignored by Jevik)

Onipex: ...Ah, OK then.

(Cuts to black, then to another scene. Degrin is sitting at his computer, staring at the blank document)

Degrin: This is fantastic!

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  • This episode came very close to being final; with a full script and set built for the whole episode. The episode was cancelled for "All Stars 4" production, even though Higher, Rahi, and Intruder were released afterwards.
  • There were two other names that were chosen before "Job", which were "Video-Chat" and "Office".
  • Some aspects of this set are reused in Onipex's bedroom and in "All Stars 4".
  • It was revealed that themes and concepts from this episode would be incorporated into Office. But when that episode was cancelled, they were instead, incorporated into Jevik?