Magneon is a recurring character in The Misadventures of Onipex and Pals. He was more of an throwaway gag rather than a character and although there were no plans of him returning to the series, he appeared in Staring Contest, The Package, and Jevik? Pt 3.


Magneon has been shown to have an obsession for Cola, to the point where he would kill and cross vast distances just to get it.

He may also know Onipex, calling him "Oni" in Staring Contest.


During Magneon's first appearance, he had somehow entered Onipex's apartment, asking the Matoran if he had any Cola after he checked the fridge.

At a later point, he dropped a giant can of Cola through the floor and onto a table in the garage, interrupting Onipex and Jevik's "staring contest." He then told Onipex that he actually did have some cola.

At some point Magneon was damaged, to the point of fragments, in a snowy,mountainous wasteland. He lay dormant there until, at a distant location, the Matoran Jevik mysteriously received a package of Cola. At the time, the Matoran Galo and Degrin, were surveying Magneon's wreckage. This occurrence somehow caused Magneon to reactivate and begin to reform. In the process, he engulfed Galo and Degrin, presumably killing them.

He later began go on a rampage, presumably killing KC and Tilex as well. He eventually arrived and broke into Jevik's apartment, where he was shot by the Matoran.

Presumably recovering from the incident, Magneon later appeared in Leresh's apartment when Onipex opened a can of Cola and threw it at Leresh. Many apartments were destroyed in the wake of Magneon's visit and Leresh was presumed dead.


"Do you have any cola in there?"
―Magneon to Onipex, "Preview."


  • He was the first character to speak in the entire series.
  • In 200 Subscribers, the non-canon continuation of "Preview", Onipex checks his fridge to see if he has Cola for him. He is instead given a can of 7-Up, and proceeds to knock him out with it.


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