Moa is a hoverboarding champion hailing from New Tehktra. He was once a holder of the Crystal cup, but had lost the title to Aliki.


Not much is known about Moa and his career, besides the fact that he was a previous holder of the Crystal Cup. Aside from Aliki, it is known he had competed with a legendary hoverboarder known as Fahu.

In more recent times, Moa was approached at his home by Onipex. Perceiving the Matoran as a fan, Moa overwhelmed Onipex with anecdotes. Several hours Onipex uninterrupted, claiming he had but one question. Upon stating he was representing Aliki, Moa forced him to leave.

Moa's Anecdotes Edit

  • Competing with the legendary, Fahu.
  • Winning his 58th tournament, receiving the key to the city, and receiving his own parade.
  • Fighting an ash-bear with an ice-cream scoop
  • The death of a female, judging by his tone, at the hands of someone else.

It is unknown if these events are entirely true, or if Moa is simply exaggerating or fabricating them.


Appearances for Moa
  • Season 2


  • He was once rivals with Aliki.
  • His character was first created by his voice actor, Jampot Animations.
  • Moa shares his name with a flying Rahi. This is rather apt considering his profession.

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