Onipex's Apartment
Onipex's Apartment as seen in "Preview"
Residents Onipex, Jevik, Pyrex, Lemon
Use Residence
Status Intact

Apartment 3D is Onipex's place of residence, and is also one of the primary locations in The Misadventures of Onipex and Pals.


Within the series, several areas have seen within Onipex's apartment. The series started off in the kitchen (the front door also leads onto it), and it is the main location in the series so far. Many other rooms have become key locations in several episodes, notably the living area.



The kitchen in "200 Subscribers"

Notable features include: a fridge, a table, a Tiki head, an Aliki Poster (not found in Preview), and a mirror. The single seat sofa seen in the kitchen is actually from the living area, as the two rooms flow into each other due the open plan nature of the apartment.


Living AreaEdit

Notable features include: two sofas, another Tiki Miru Nuva head, a coffee table, a single seat sofa and TV (only found in kitchen scenes) and another stylized Aliki poster.
SAM 1453

Living area in "Higher"



SAM 2232

Onipex in his bedroom

It was going to be the main location of Friends, a cancelled episode. It later debuted in Intruder. Notable features include: bed, another Miru Nuva Tiki head, a poster of Uncle Steve, a bedside table, another Aliki poster, a computer, a sofa like that in the living area, a chair and various possessions. A replica of Aliki's head can be found on the table.

The room was seen in disarray during the events of "Jevik? Pt 3".



Notable features include: a bathtub, a toilet, a mirror, a sink, a wall-mounted soap dish, and a tiled floor. It made it's debut in the episode Rahi.
SAM 1616

Onipex in his bathroom


Parking Lot Edit

Although technically this isn't Onipex's Apartment, the parking lot is to the rear of the whole building. Notable features include: a dumpster, parking spaces, pavement, and an MVT.


Overall AppearancesEdit


  • According to Robber, the apartment number is 3D.