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Released 12 Jul 2011

Pedo was an entry to the Sixshotreviews2 BIONICLE Pedo contest. The video won 3rd place in a three-way tie. It was entered as an unlisted video, as Ids5621 deemed the graphic nature of the video was not entirely to the standards of his channel. It remains unlinked on this website.

Episode SynopsisEdit

Onipex is seen masturbating, presumably to porn, and is being watched through the window by a pedophile. Unfitting music plays throughout.



The pedophile staring through the widow

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  • Ids5621 did not want this to be publicly seen due to its graphic nature and thus is an unlisted video. It also remains unlinked on the many pages on this website.
  • Despite it being non-canon, it is near mentioned in "Problems" by Onipex, though, before he could finish his sentence, he had noticed what he was saying and restated to be "watching internet videos" instead.