Podan is a rude and sarcastic matoran in The Misadventures of Onipex and Pals.


Podan has a big ego, and can be quite rude and often likes insult to those around him. This can get on the nerves of Procks and Poxxu.

He's also an employee at Bawl's Sacks.


One day, Podan approached Poxxu while holding a mask-shaped object. After being asked what the object was, Podan claimed it was a crab. He then persisted Poxxu into kissing the object, and then accidentally slashed Poxxu's face with the object's sharp fangs, possibly killing him. Podan began shouting out Poxxu's name asking if he's okay.

Some time after, he is seen showing Procks a hammer he had. However, Poxxu showed up with a hammer of his own. Seeing that both of them had hammers, Poxxu stated that Podan and him could be "Hammer buddies". Podan told him that he didn't want anyone thinking they had anything in common. he then presented both hammers to Procks, asking him which one was better. Procks said Poxxu had the better hammer, much to Podan's dismay. Poxxu also showed Podan a crab/mask he got. Then, Podan told Poxxu that he wanted to fight him in real life. When Poxxu explained that they were in "real life", he just stared at him. Poxxu then gave him the bird.

Podan was later seen at Bawl's Sacks, playing poker with a few others.


WARNING: The following is conjecture and is an interpretation of the canon found in the episodes.

Podan and Poxxu


Podan and Poxxu seem to be friends, though Podan usually makes sarcastic remarks and abuses Poxxu. Despite this, they are usually seen talking with one another.


Procks seems to not be that fond of Podan's ego. However, it's shown that they are friends and get along.


Podan is shown playing poker with Bawl, and Podan is employed at his business Bawl's Sacks. The two appear to be friendly outside of working hours.


Podan works with Zeb at Bawl's Sacks. He seems to expressly dislike hearing about Zeb's problems with the main cast, stating that he doesn't know them despite having encountered Myto in previous episodes.

Myto and KatronEdit

He was seen playing a game of Kohlii with them. So he is likely a friend of theirs.

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