Pyrex's Apartment
Pyrex apartment
Pyrex's Apartment as seen in Aliki
Residents Unknown
Use Residence
Status Intact

Pyrex's Apartment, located within The Tehktra Plaza, was Pyrex's place of residence until the events of Jevik?, where in Jevik? Pt 3 it's mentioned he sold it.


So far, the only known area seen in Pyrex's apartment is the living room. It appears physically similar to the other apartments seen in the series.

Notable featuresEdit

Notable features of the living room include a fridge, various photos of Pyrex, one with Krone included, covering the walls, a chair, and an air conditioner installed during the events of Aliki.

Episodic AppearancesEdit


  • The image in the apartment with Pyrex and Krone is actually a screenshot from the cancelled episode Luck.
  • By the similar interior, it can be said that Pyrex's apartment is in The Tehktra Plaza. It is the only apartment not given a number within the series.