Season 1, Episode 5
First Aired May 22, 2011
Writer(s) Ids5621
"Pizza Anybody?"
Rap is the fifth episode of The Misadventures of Onipex and Pals. This episode introduces Jevik's interest in rap music, as well as Jessaco as a recurring character.

Episode SynopsisEdit

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The episode starts with Onipex sleeping, snoring somewhat loudly. He then wakes up in a location unknown to him, and, noticing Jevik next to him, asks where he was. Jevik then replies that he is in his apartment. Onipex is very shocked to see that Jevik lives in an such an expensive-looking place, and questions why he constantly invades his apartment. Jevik replies to this by stating that Onipex, "at least [has] a decent place to sit."

Onipex then asks why he is at Jevik's apartment. He replies by saying that he was bored last night, so he went to Onipex's apartment and kidnapped him in his sleep. A shocked Onipex asks why Jevik did so, to which the Po-Matoran replies, "To touch you!" Onipex is repulsed by this statement, though Jevik replies that he was kidding, and that he has a girlfriend. Onipex questioned how Jevik could possibly have a girlfriend, though he replied by stating that he at least had one, while Onipex didn't, and that he could meet her.

Jevik's girlfriend then arrived right when Onipex demanded to meet her. Onipex then rushed over to her, and was about to give her a handshake. However, Jevik took this the wrong way, and begins to verbally assault Onipex, leading to him rapping. Because of Jevik's rapping skills, Onipex leaves some droppings on Jevik's floor. He then demands that Onipex leave the apartment, whispering that he would "meet [him] at [his] place at six," though, before leaving, Onipex asked to borrow a towel.

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  • This marks the second time Jevik has been seen watching All Stars. This is unusual as in Episode 1/Pilot, he claimed to find it boring and to be only watching it as he couldn't find the remote.
  • It was the first episode to merit the Ids5621 watermark.
  • The episode was in production before Pizza Anybody? was even conceived.
  • The title card lacks a scream, replaced by Onipex's snoring.
  • Onipex's snoring audio from this episode would be re-used several times in future. Brain Fart, Intruder and Bully use the audio.
  • This episode had the largest opening audience upon release of any episode in the series at the time.

Continuity Edit

  • This episode introduces Jessaco and her relationship with Jevik.
  • Some of the plot of this episode is retold in Jevik's rap in The Camera Pt 4. Clips from this episode are also seen in the video.