Vital statistics
Gender Male
Status Deceased

Sixshotreviews2 is a former YouTube user who is no longer part of the site. He was the voice of Frank.


Taken from his YouTube Channel:

Sixshot got his first BIONICLE, Kopaka, in 2001 and collected them until he got his last set, Takanuva Stars, at retail. He prefers Transformers, but has been a fan of BIONICLE longer. Sixshot's favorite set is Takanuva Mistika and he has expressed extreme hatred towards Titan Mata Nui on many accounts. Sixshot also has an interest in music and plays guitar, bass and drums. His favorite bands and artists include KISS, AC/DC, Katy Perry, Metallica, Michael Jackson and W.A.S.P among many.

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  • Sixshot listed The Misadventures of Onipex and Pals as one of his favorite BIONICLE series and has Ids5621 cast in Stories of the Matoran Two as the character Mega Nerf Nerf.
  • Sixshot has about 80 BIONICLE sets and 50 Transformers.

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