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TheGreenCrusader15, also known as Crusader Studios, is a video maker and the voice actor for Myto and Tilex as well as a few other characters.


TheGreenCrusader15 has created a relatively small number of videos on YouTube, but among them are his two series: "Bionic War" and "Master Chief vs Optimus Prime". While "Master Chief vs Optimus Prime" has seemingly ended, "Bionic War" was left with no real conclusion, though he revived the series with his new 2013 film, "Desperation." Optimus Prime has appeared in both series, but it is unlikely that these series are connected.

Along with voice acting for Ids, TheGreenCrusader15 has voice acted for a machinima director named Mike WB in his series, "The Unsociables", in addition to "Cataclysm". He has also voice acted in "Stories of the Matoran", which was created by the former video maker, Sixshotreviews2.

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