Season 2, Episode 2
Zombie 2
First Aired August 30, 2011
Writer(s) Ids5621
"Staring Contest"
Zombie is the twelfth episode of The Misadventures of Onipex and Pals, and the second episode of the second season. Unlike Staring Contest, which was very much like an episode from the first season, it follows the direction Ids5621 wanted to take the series for the second season.

Episode SynopsisEdit

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Garren being read to

The episode begins with a shot of a radio broadcasting a new report detailing an infection outbreak. The scene cuts to Krone and Pyrex within Krone's Apartment, sheltering from a storm. They are disturbed by a loud knock, which Krone responds to, despite what the news report warned. At the door is a zombified Onipex, under the influence of an infected mask. Krone, oblivious to this, allows him into his home and attempts to converse with him.

Onipex then goes and removes Krone's mask and replaces it with an infected mask. Pyrex, despite seeing Krone and Onipex under the infected mask's influence, tells Krone it's his turn, when Krone doesn't respond and just breaks the game, he asks them to read to him. When Krone and Onipex try to read, Pyrex immediately orders them to stop, because of horrible accents, despite them not being able to speak. Krone and Onipex then replace Pyrex's mask with an infected mask afterwards. They then leave and go to Garen's apartment.

When they arrive at Garen's apartment, they see Garen stoned, and try to replace his mask with an infected mask, though, it does not fit. Garen then tells them that they could do something for him if they were done trying, in which they agreed. The episode ends with Garen stoned and smoking on his bed and the three "Zombies" struggling to read to him.

After the episode ends, an outtake of Jampot Animations improvising can be heard, relating the accents to being Ukrainian.


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  • It is the first episode that Jevik doesn't appear since his debut.
  • It is the first episode to have motion in the title card as well as a motion time card.
    • It is also the first episode to utilize subtitles.
  • The end of the episode actually plays on a fault that is actually found on BIONICLE sets.
  • Like Staring Contest, production of the episode was completed before Replacement's had even started.
  • So far, this is Ids5621's favorite episode of the second season.


  • This is the second time nonsensical language has been referred to as Spanish, the first being Rahi.


  • The radio seen in the episode moves around several times without explanation.
  • When the infected mask-possessed Onipex attacked Krone and Pyrex, biting noises were heard. However, the infection was visibly transmitted by the infected mask, not a bite.